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Writer, Director – Louis Melville
Producer – Daria Malich, Louis Melville

The Bilderberg Covenant is the story of Abraham Adams, an 18th Century trapper who finds himself an accidental time traveller and the most wanted man in the 21st Century. A man in the crosshairs of a world he cannot fathom.


The year is 1763, the place upstate New York; two men, Abraham Adams, a Scot who has been in the colonies for five years, and Chester Larkin, a newcomer, pedal their canoe up a wide and winding river. They have been brought together by a consortium of New York businessmen headed by one George Washington, and charged with a mission to find a deposit of iron ore, 30 days up river.

Things start turning strange from the outset: first they find a large stone cross in the wilderness, then after camping overnight on an island in the river they awake to find their canoe gone, as they investigate they come across a native American burial site, but things do not make sense, the body is dressed in armour, a sword at his side. Returning to their campsite they find their canoe has reappeared.

Further up river they encounter a Native American who they camp with for the night, Chester spots a small bronze cross round the native’s neck, the native tells him that he found it in a cave up the river. The next day the pair come across the cave where Chester finds an ancient looking Idol, which he conceals from Abraham; that night Abraham discovers the Idol, a fight ensues, which culminates with  Abraham being shot and falling into the river dead. Abraham is pulled from the river by the Native American, who brings him back to life, healing Abraham’s wound before our eyes.

Taking chase Abraham comes across Chester down river, they fight it out and once more Chester gets the upper hand, as he is about to kill Abraham the Native American kills Chester with an arrow. As Abraham picks up the Idol he finds himself zapped through time and space to a candlelit room. After exiting the room Abraham finds himself in the 21ST CENTURY. Disorientated and pursued by strange creatures and men, Abraham runs into the path of an oncoming truck driven by the Native American.

Abraham is rushed to hospital where he once more dies.

A policeman and a mortuary official examine the Idol and Abraham’s clothes, they open the mortuary draw to reveal Abraham’s dead body, suddenly Abraham’s eyes SNAP open. Fade to black. Fade back up to Abraham slipping into the dark night dressed as the policeman, Idol in hand.



The BILDERBERG COVENANT is conceived as a TV series with an over arcing continuous story line with episodic conclusions and cliff hanger endings to each episode.

The story arc will take the viewer from the 1763 back woods of upstate New York to the bustling metropolis of the 21st Century as we follow ABRAHAM on his quest to defeat the ALIENS present on Earth, and their plans for man’s annihilation.

On the way we will see ABRAHAM change from back woods man to 21st Century warrior as he comes to terms with his new powers and the modern world he finds himself in.

Over the course of the first six episodes we will see  ABRAHAM growing in confidence as his understanding of the 21st Century and his growing super powers increase, we will also see the deepening closeness between ABRAHAM and LIDIJA and their growing reliance on each other’s knowledge and power.  This brings them closer and closer together as they realise there is no one else in the world they can truly trust.

All the world is hostile and they are its number one targets.


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